Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Eggless Chocolate Lava Cake

Today evening, I sank in my rocking chair in our balcony and looked out to see lush tall green trees. What added to the experience was a cuppa of earl grey and hot molten lava cake. I have been planning to make this for a while and since monsoons began I had thought of this picture perfect moment in my mind tons of times. Finally, I made it today and enjoyed it exactly as I had imagined. As you sink your fork in the cake, a rich thick chocolate oozes out and you can hardly wait to gorge it all. It is gooey and moist and absolutely sinful, just like a chocolate cake should be :)  So, let me not keep you waiting, here comes the picture and then comes the recipe :)

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup chocolate
1/2 cup of condensed milk (I used milkmaid)
1/2 cup maida / all purpose flour
½ tsp baking powder
¾ cup cream, lightly whipped
1 tsp vanilla essence
Few pieces of cooking chocolate- thin ones


1.       Sieve maida and baking powder and keep aside.
2.       Melt chocolate and butter together in a double boiler. In case you don’t have it, melt them in a bowl placing it on top of a big vessel with some water, on a medium flame. Pre heat the oven at 180 degree Celsius.
3.       When they melt into a smooth chocolate sauce, add condensed milk and vanilla essence. Give a good stir.
4.       Now, take it off the heat and add maida, little by little and whisk to get a smooth batter. Make sure there are no lumps.
5.       Fill the lined ramekins or oven-safe bowls halfway. Place the cooking chocolate pieces in center of the batter and make sure the chocolate is covered with batter and doesn’t jut out.
6.       Bake for 15-20 minutes.
7.       Let it cool down for 10-15 minutes and un-mound in a dessert plate. You can serve it with ice-cream or serve it alone.


8.    Now, sink in your fork and enjoy the sin called chocolate lava cake :)


  1. Absolutely delicious, love the chocolate oozing out.

  2. Looks so yummy.....but i have one query. ..u have mentioned cream in the ingredients but no mention of it in the preparation. ..when should the cream be added

  3. hi Gits. thank you! Whipped cream is an accompaniment, not used in the recipe. I think I missed mentioning it.


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