Thursday, 23 January 2014

Liebster Award :)

Yay! My first blogging award. It is the sweetest award literally named so- Liebster Award. Liebster in German means sweetest, lovely, dearest, kindest, cute, endearing, welcome. Isn't that super sweet?   It is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers but intense content. Liebster award helps spread the word for newer blogs/bloggers. Thank you Arthy Shama for this wonderful award and recognizing my blog. I really appreciate it. Arthy blogs at .            

I will be answering some questions put forth by Arthy. I hope that the answers would provide insight or information for those who are planning to start a  blog or have just started one. This is a pass-on award that will in turn recognize some other awesome blogs/bloggers. So, I will be nominating other blogs that have great content! I want to thank all the people who visit and/or follow my blog and hope you enjoy it.

Well, I received it 2 days back. I have been wondering since how I feel about it and how to put all that I feel in words. To start off, I am elated! For me blogging is not only sharing recipes but also the stories and many memories, many anecdotes attached with those ingredients and methods. It also means taking pictures that will invite readers and fellow bloggers to want to read and feel like cooking or baking. 
The recognition has also given me impetus to be more regular and drive towards bringing you all more and more recipes and fun stories. I am happy that a fellow blogger has loved the recipes and my crazy stories and has given me this wonderful gift, kicking off my new year on a great note!


    1. How did you get introduced to blogging?
I referred to many blogs when I started baking. I was finding my way in the mesmerizing world of cakes and cupcakes and breads. I found that apart from the recipes, these blogs also formed a sort of community that encouraged sharing baking tips and discussing baking related problems and finding solutions. I also realized that it would be a great asset to my catering business. So, I started blogging, sharing some of my favourite recipes- new & borrowed, some adapted.

          2. Any special bloggers you would like to dedicate this journey to?
     I am a big sucker for pretty pictures and so I always got attracted to blogs with delicious pics. But also loved blogs with step by step pictures for some really complicated recipes. Some of the blogs that inspired, helped and still show me the way at times are- , , , , http://gayathriscookspot.blogspot.in , , and many more… 

    3. Which is your favourite dish from your blog?
     Considering I have an incurable sweet tooth, Coconut-Paneer- Kaju Barfi is my favourite dish from my blog-
     4. Most earned credits go to which dish from your blog?
I am not exactly sure, but I think this means- which dish is the most popular and received a great response from the readers / followers? I think this will be Shahi Malai Kofta with maximum page views and sharing.
5. Nowadays the learning process has been made visible and easy with various online videos, making it easy for even kids to join this journey. What do you feel about it? Any changes required?
I think it is great. We live in an age where information technology rules. Online tutorials, videos and blogs utilize the innovations that not only help the readers / bloggers / viewers world over but also help publicize their own business or blogs. It encourages beginners. As of now, I can’t think of any specific changes. I think the videos and blogs have personally helped me a lot, especially when I was a novice at baking. I also plan to start doing video recipes with complete demonstration in near future. I personally find it very helpful.

6. Any obstacles to blogging? How did you overcome them?

One of the major obstacles was procrastination. I started off well but I must admit I am not very well disciplined. So, I decided to take part in events and that has worked for me. Another obstacle was getting technical sides of the blog right. That took a while but once again, other blogs gave me the information and codes I was looking for. 

My nominees for the Liebster Award are:
1. bala's e-kitchen

Finally, my list of questions:
1. What is the inspiration behind your blogging?
2. Which blogs do you refer to very often and why?
4. What challenges did you face while blogging? How did you find your way?
5. Your 2 favourite cooking recipes- from your or other blogs.Share links.
6.  Your 2 favourite baking recipes- from your or other blogs.Share links.
7. Which 2 recipes would you like to try from my blog? why?
8. 3-4 Cooking / baking tips you would like to share.

1. Blog about your award and thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you.
2. Copy paste award picture from here.
3. Answer the above questions.
4. Nominate 6-13 bloggers of your choice.
5. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blogs.
 Happy Blogging :)

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